Mosevic Shades Are Made From Layers of Recycled Denim

Mosevic Shades Are Made From Layers of Recycled Denim

11402995_777123699073794_8722244639401230204_nIt’s sunnies season, and we have our eye on Mosevic eyewear – a UK brand who makes sunglasses from layers of selvage solid denim.

Handcrafted in Cornwall, each pair of shades is made from a different denim fabric, so you really do get an item that is unique to the wearer, from texture to colour. Choose from two classic washes – Marina Blue and Stone Black.

Signature Denim - Detail3“Denim is an inherently tough fabric,  first used as hard wearing workwear for gold miners in the Wild West. We infuse this rugged, iconic fabric with a carefully selected resin resulting in a composite material that is durable & flexible, perfect for building high quality, striking eyewear.”


The layers of denim are carefully infused with a carefully selected resin, and then pressed in moulds. Finally, computer aided machinery cuts the denim into the precise shape needed, before it is stonewashed to create a eye-catching, distressed effect.

Mosevic eyewear can be purchased online, and make sure to use the code Worn10 for your 10% discount!

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