3D Feature: Trove Jewellery

3D Feature: Trove Jewellery

Trove ring3D print jewellery startup Trove is on a mission to bring customisable tech-forward design to your fingertips.

With technology in fashion ever on the increase, New-York based jewellery company Trove wants to “democratise design and 3D printing”, offering the customers a service that caters to their individual style.

“We believe that diversity in people should be reflected in diversity in design, & that everyone should be able to create unique objects that fit into their lives.”

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How it works is that you design your  own jewellery before purchasing. Choose from a catalogue of 30 metal base designs and Trove then uses an in-house Formlabs Desktop 3D Printer, and the help of Shapeways, to create plastic prototypes that can be used to test size and fit.

Once the customer is satisfied with the final design, they can choose to have it printed in a gold, silver, bronze or brass finish. Prices start at $50, with a typical silver ring falling around $80-90.

CEO of Trove, Brian Park said of the company’s goals;

“The fact that you can manipulate these designs & then create anything, is the true value. This is bringing 3D printing to the average user in a way the average user will want to use it.”


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