5 Natural Tips For Beating Dry Skin This Winter

5 Natural Tips For Beating Dry Skin This Winter

With the winter weather swiftly approaching, our skin is the first thing that suffers – but you need not be beaten by the elements with these handy natural skin care tips!

Omega 3

Stock up on Omega 3 Rich Foods

Omega 3 fatty acids are your skin’s best friend, especially during the winter months. Foods rich in oils such as fish, olive oil, nuts and avocados provide all the right nourishing nutrients to help give your skin that healthy glow.

Milk Bath

Milking It

Milk’s not just great for bones! Pouring a few cups into your bath this winter will add natural moisturise to your skin and keep it looking radiant.

But if milk’s not your thing, olive oil can give the skin the exact same benefits. Make sure it’s extra virgin!

Smooth Your Smile

Don’t just limit your toothbrush to your teeth, it can also double as a handy exfoliator for your lips, when the weather gets the best of them. Smooth on some beeswax or natural lip butter and move the toothbrush in circular motions to feel the full silky smooth benefits.

Go Nuts!

Almond Oil Almond Oil works wonders for the hands, skin and hair due to it being high in vitamin E and protein, which is why it’s commonly used in aromatherapy. Its main benefits are improving the skin’s complexion, while maintaining its softness. Can be used as a hand or face moisturiser, and is particularly great for removing dark circles and adding a natural sheen to the hair.


Citrus Salvation

Lemon ScrubLemon and sugar is the perfect formula for keeping any roughness from your skin during those harsh weather months. Simply slice a lemon in half and add a few pinches of sugar or salt to create exfoliating properties. Great for problem areas such as elbows and knees.

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