6 Instagrams That Have Us Hooked

6 Instagrams That Have Us Hooked

A list of our favourite instagrams to inspire, intrigue and promote the world of sustainable and hand crafted design.

1. @Fashconscience

Fash Conscience InstagramFashion conscience Instagram 2

For the conscious consumers out there, E-boutique Fashion Conscience has their very own instagram brimming with inspiration, from eco-friendly outfits to stand out statement pieces. Yep, ethical can be funky, and this addictive instagram feed will leave no doubt in your mind. 


2. @Woolandthegang

Wool & The Gang Cat InstagramWool & The Gang Instagram

Well I’ll be yarned! Masters of knitwear, Wool & The Gang, just might be the coolest knit based label around. Sourcing their material from Peruvian sheep, this knock-out East london based knitwear team have all the wooly essentials you could ever need. Flying the flag for good old British manufacturing, they encourage customisation, so grab a needle and thread and come along for the journey! Remember to use the hashtag #getyourkniton


3. @Made_jewellery

MADE instagram 1MADE instagram 2

Get a glimpse into the world of stunning fair trade jewellery brand MADE. With behind the scenes snaps and close-ups of pieces from each hand made collection, this is all the eye candy you need to satisfy the accessory lover in you. 


4. @EthicalFashionForum

Ethical Fashion Forum InstagramEthical Fashion Forum instagram 2

The EFF is your one stop source for all things fashionable and eco-friendly. Follow them as they upload images from events in real time, announce SOURCE Awards winners and showcase the latest in sustainable style. Based here in London, The Ethical Fashion Forum is the UK’s biggest platform and source of intelligence for ethics in the industry. 

www. EthicalFashionForum.com

5. @Lu_Flux

Lu Flux InstagramLu Flux Instagram Fabrics

For vintage lovers, and those with an interest in all things eccentric, fashion designer Lu Flux is the one to follow. From her inspirations to close friends modelling her designs, her instagram feed is charming, nostalgic, witty and full of quirks!

6. @Etsy

 Etsy Instagram 2Etsy Instagram 1

For all things arts and craft, Etsy meets all your creative needs. From tutorials on how to hand knit a scarf, to tips from top Etsy entrepreneurs, get inspired with your daily dose of design.





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