6 Savvy & Sustainable Ways to Have A Green 2015

6 Savvy & Sustainable Ways to Have A Green 2015

The New year is upon us,and for many of us, a new leaf is turned. Why not make the most of 2015 by making a conscious effort to be more green. These tips are simple, easy on the purse strings and perfect for making those small little changes to your lifestyle!

Start a Compost Pile

CompostRecycle your organic waste this spring by using eco-friendly compost piles.It saves on the plastic bags and puts nutrition back into your garden soil.

Create a compost bin yourself or you can find many inexpensive designs online.


D.I.Y Beauty

DIY Beauty Many of us find ourselves pretty out of pocket this time of year, so save on the money and try out some home made beauty recipes.

From sugar and olive oil face masks, to the good ol’ cucumber on the eyes, it’s a great way to start a healthy and toxic free year. Pinterest has some great inspiration.

Meat Free Mondays

Meat Free MondayTake one day off from your carnivorous side and make your mondays meatless. The environment would benefit from the less resources used, plus it’s healthy and balancing to have a break from all the protein.



Ditch The Grocery Bags

Plastic ShmasticPlastic bags are unnecessary and most importantly they are not  friends of the environment. When doing your weekly shop, a canvas tote or two is perfect to use as a sustainable, cost effective alternative. Reuse whenever you hit the shops and rid your home of those pesky carrier bags for good.




Clear Out The Clutter

Clueless ClosetGoing through your wardrobe and sorting all the clothes you’ve outgrown is a great way to make space for a fresh start. Put all the key, interchangeable items at the front, so you’ll always have that essential capsule wardrobe to rely on.
>Make a resolution not to impulse buy, put quality rather than quantity first and learn to work with what you’ve got!

Second Hand Doesn’t Always Have to Mean Second Best!

PrelovedSecond hand shops and vintage boutiques are a treasure trove of unique, one-off items. From costume jewellery to limited edition literature and vintage decor, you’ll never know what you’ll find at your nearest boutique.

Plus everyone loves discovering that special find that you can’t buy anywhere in your local high street.

Clothes swaps, or ‘swishing’, is another great way to recycle clothing, grab a bargain and connect with some like minded people.




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