A Visit to Livingstone Studio

A Visit to Livingstone Studio

Livingstone studio TextilesLast weekend I passed by Livingstone Studio. Once an 18th century coach house, it is a rare gem situated in the heart of Hampstead. Somewhere beween a shop, show room and museum, this unique building, represents the best in traditional craftsmanship, celebrating designers and textiles from around the globe.

Here you’ll find handcrafted pieces from persian quilts to detailed pottery and furniture – a place to appreciate artisanal skills. Livingstone Studio represents contemporary ideas using traditional techniques. Nothing like you’d find on the high-street, it’s really a place to admire the quality and craft that goes into each design.

ivingston Studio DenimFor those looking to make a purchase, the studio offers a unique tailoring service, for a truly personal experience. To the many like me who visit just to take a look around, there’s regular exhibitions held displaying the work of a particular designer or group of designers that specialise in using heritage and traditional textiles.

British designer Ian Batten regularly showcases his work at the studio, which Livingston Studio Bowlfocuses primarily on soft tailoring with contemporary construction, while many upcoming talents like Oma Jang are also represented.

What I love is that at Livingstone Studio, every design has longevity – no trends, no mass manufacturing, just a subtle, organic beauty that speaks for itself.

Livingstone Studio hat

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