Aisha Jones Weave Lamps

Aisha Jones Weave Lamps

Aisha Jones Weave Lamps1

In July I visited the Business Design Centre to meet product and furniture designer Aisha Jones. I was intrigued to find out more about her contemporary lampshades, which are inspired by sculptured origami and geometric forms. Aisha uses plywood and light-weight multi-coloured paper as her materials, allowing the lampshades to illuminate in various sections and obtain a serene warm glow that contrasts beautifully with the sharp angular lines. 

Aisha graduated from a product and design course at the Cass School of Design at London Metropolitan University, as well as having a previous degree in Fine Arts.  Since then she has gone on to take part in a number of various design projects including undertaking briefs from Heals, and Elle Decoration & BBQ. For her most recent work Aisha teamed up with Make Them Roar cat accessory Company, where her innovative play box idea won the ROAR 2012 competition.  Aisha’s cardboard play box will be available for purchase at the end of Summer, and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing those lampshades hit the high street. But there are many strings to Aisha’s bow, as she reveals that she is also a fitness trainer, alongside her studies. If that doesn’t inspire us to push ourselves and chase our dreams, I don’t know what will!

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