Artist Alice Davidson’s “Haste” is A VIsual Exhibition of fashion Waste

Artist Alice Davidson’s “Haste” is A VIsual Exhibition of fashion Waste

Alice_Davidson_HASTEexhibition3Launched in April, University of Arts London graduate Alice Davidson’s project “Haste”, is a visual exhibition of fashion waste and the less glamorous side of the industry.

After four years of study and research, Davidson wanted to express through her art, the disenchantment she feels with the negative effects of cheap fashion. From the sweat shop bargain buys, to the environmental pollution, this is her portrayal of the downsides of clothing and consumerism.

Alice_Davidson_HASTEexhibition8“I ran with the idea, thinking of the phrase we hear so often of “nothing to wear” & how quickly refreshed stock can make us feel “out of season”.


Davidson created three outfits from her own wardrobe and her friend’s donated items, to portray the vast amount of clothing the average person owns. The stacked denim dress for example highlights the fact that we own so many of the same, or similar style items.

The ink dress represents clothing’s carbon footprint, and Alice_Davidson_HASTEexhibition6the environmental damage done by dyeing in the production of fast fashion. The third outfit, a mass of tiered black and grey t-shirts, illustrates how the number of clothes we own is often way more than we need.

You can follow Davidson’s journey on her Instagram and Twitter as she embarks on further ethical fashion projects.

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