Bamboo Bikes by Guapa

Bamboo Bikes by Guapa

British start up company Guapa have designed a series of eco-friendly cycles with frames built from bamboo, as a bid to reduce the use of carbon fibres, commonly used in sports equipment. The bikes will be launching next year, and will also include a Dutch town bike.

 ‘Urban One’ is the first design of the series set to be released, and is a single speed city bike built with enhanced performance and sustainability in mind. The organic bamboo material allows for a smooth ride with minimal vibrations, and sets a higher calibre of quality than regular bikes.

“Bamboo as a ligeous material exhibits the natural mechanics of being excellent at absorbing shocks and withstanding repetitive loading.”

Guapa mechanics


Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants and is becoming more commonly used in sustainable design.


To see the full details visit www.Guapa.ce/home

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