Betabrand Jeans Prevent Digital Pickpocketing

Betabrand Jeans Prevent Digital Pickpocketing

Betabrand Jeans 2Anti Virus Digital Software Company Norton has teamed up with San-Francisco based online clothing company Betabrand to help combat identity theft and radio frequency identitfication hacking.

Contactless cards are becoming more widely used and the risk of  our details being copied is not to be taken lightly. The jeans’ crowd-funding page states that “70% of all credit cards will be vulnerable to such attacks by 2015.”

Betabrand blazerBetabrand’s Ready active jeans no only look good, but are designed to block signals using a silver based material placed lining of the front and back pockets, preventing thieves from copying your details using their mobiles.

A Work-It blazer for women is also available, with silver based material lining the pocket. The jeans retail at £96 and will be available to purchase from February.

Disklabs walletDigital forensic firm Disklabs, has also designed a wearable tech product, with a theft preventing wallet set to go on sale in the New year. Like the jeans, it also blocks RFID signals, which can be picked up from a mobile by using hacking apps.


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