BODO Footwear: The Story

BODO Footwear: The Story


 BODO Footwear was born out of a simple, yet touching personal story, originating from Trinidad and Tobago, during the 1960s. BODO UK founder Peter Lochan’s Uncle, tired of seeing local oil field workers slipping and wearing down the soles in their boots through hard labour, came up with the ingenious idea of collecting old, disused car tyres as a more effective, durable material for the base of their shoes. 

Tyre worker


Using a sharp tool, he would use the oil field worker’s boots as a template to cut around the outline of the sole. The tyre template was then nailed down to the bottom of the worn our boot, leaving them strong and durable to withstand the harsh terrain. It wasn’t long before the whole community were making the most of this newfound design, and soon Peter’s uncle had a flourishing business, charging $2 (around 20p) for each boot!


Taking inspiration from this uplifting story, Peter decided to adopt the concept of using old car tyres, and incorporate it in a way that would fit into a modern market. Car tyres are not biodegradable, and the fact that thousands of tonnes of them end up in landfill sites each year, inspired Peter to put them to good use as an integral part of his footwear company. 

Enter the birth of the BODO sandal. As well as its resilience and durability, Peter felt it important to keep a close relationship with his Caribbean roots, which is why each pair bought online and in stores are donated to Trinidad & Tobago, as well as those in poverty stricken countries around the globe. We hope to form partnerships with Trinidad & Tobago in the near future, along with Jamaica, as the business grows.

The Sandal

The BODO sandal perfectly balances comfort with style, and with the trademark car tyre sole, sustainability is embedded into the core of the company. Coming in a range of vibrant colours, this two-tone sandal makes for the perfect on the go statement shoe.

BODO Sandal


Find your pair and be part of something special! Coming soon to a store near you…


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