The Body Shop Wants to Make Packaging Out of Pollution

The Body Shop Wants to Make Packaging Out of Pollution

The Body Shop is known for its hand made, organic and environmentally friendly products, however it wants to go one step further and launch a global initiative to reduce the use of oil-based packaging by 70% by 2020.In announcement on Thursday, the beauty brand explained that it wants to use advanced research and technologies to explore product life extension and design.

Body Shop BottlesInternational Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Christopher Davis, stated;

“We want to take action to reduce our impact on the planet, radically reinterpreting the way we sell & buy cosmetics & how our customers use them.”

Body Shop ButterBy partnering with NewLight Technologies – a company that turns greenhouse gas emissions into high quality thermoplastics, The Body Shop has drastically reduced its carbon footprint. New Light can make packaging from pollution, by extracting methane from farms and natural gas refineries, to make a material called AirCarbon.

The way it works is that the methane is put into a reactor with enzymes, to absorb the carbon and oxygen and rearrange the particles into a solid material. AirCarbon is used in film packaging, electronics and furniture, but never before in the beauty idustry, until now. The new packaging will be used in the Body Shop’s range of body butters.

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