Born Free U.S.A Gives Fur Back to the Animals

Born Free U.S.A Gives Fur Back to the Animals

Born Free USA PigsNational animal advocacy non-profit Born Free U.S.A‘s ‘Fur for the Animals’ campaign, is a donation based service, working to do good by turning the issue of fur for fashion into a charitable initiative.

Consumers can donate their fur coats, hats, and other accessories, which goes towards providing a warm and familiar shelter for young orphaned animals. 

Born Free’s mission is to;

Born Free Lynx

“reduce the supply,
demand and social acceptance of fur in 

and offer a humane solution which tackles the issue without any economic expenses. Fur donations are sent to wildlife rehabilitation centres across the U.S, suchas Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley and The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center.

Born Free RabbitsSadly, real fur has long been a fashion statement, regardless of the animal cruelty involved. Last year however, 100 fur coats and accessories provided bedding and shelter for animals in need, giving back to the them what’s rightfully theirs.  From September 8th to December 31st, Born Free are asking former fur wearers to return their fur to the animals and adopt a more ethical outlook towards their future wardrobes. 











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