C.Kabiru’s Eyewear Sculptures Are Made From E-Waste

C.Kabiru’s Eyewear Sculptures Are Made From E-Waste

C Kabiru 2Nairobi based sculpture artist Cyrus Kabiru, is known for his statement eyewear collection of ‘C-stunners’ – upcycled glasses frames made from computer waste. Warning: They are not for the shy and retiring!

The self taught talent has a range of elaborately designed frames, made from materials sourced from the streets of Kenya. Electronic graveyards are a growing issue and can be found all around Africa, as millions of tonnes of electronic computer parts from western nations are exported there and dumped in tech age wastelands.

C Kabiru 3“I try to give trash a second chance. I change it to be something else, which is like it will stay for more than 100 years now. The most dangerous waste that will mess up our continent, our places, is electronics. We need to think of how we can stop making more motherboards.”

C.KabiruBut it’s not strictly electronic waste that Kabiru incorporates into his eccentric eyewear. He also uses stray bullets, and prison bars, in which he hopes to represent the issues of police brutality.

“We need to recycle them, we need to change our mentality. We need to be creative with what we’re doing.”                          

 His design African guitar  (above, right), is a particular favourite.Check out Kabiru’s other artwork here, or visit his Tumblr for his inspiration and paintings.





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