Clarins Introduces Eco Friendly Holiday Palette

Clarins Introduces Eco Friendly Holiday Palette

We all know Christmas is a time of giving, and luxury French cosmetics brand Clarins is known for its contribution towards ethical beauty. This season the brand has released a holiday colour palette in connection with Pur Projet – an initiative helping to save the rainforest. Titled ‘the Essentials’, the eyeshadow set was inspired by the major beauty company’s desire to promote a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Contained in its recycled packaging, the palette includes 10 93% natural eye colours, and a double ended natural pony hair brush produced from Birchwood from sustainably managed forests. By partnering with the Pur projet, Clarins C.E.O and environmental activist Christian Courtin-Clarins, has committed to preserving biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest, and over recent years his company has planted  10,000 trees to be used by the medical and cosmetics industry.

Christian Clarins                                                                                    Christian Courtin-Clarins Image: Vanity Fair

In the past, Courtin-Clarins’ charitable efforts have included financing the construction of a children’s school in Vietnam and helping the people of Madagascar build a stable infrastructure for water.

For those who are thinking of purchasing a set for a loved one this Christmas, the money will also go towards ensuring the native Kuntanawa community in Brasil gain a better quality of life through preserving their natural habitat.

£35 from Boots

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