Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

Copenhagen Livia FirthThe Copenhagen Fashion Summit  is the world’s largest and most important event on ethical fashion. It’s where professionals from around the globe gather to discuss future plans and ideas for welcoming sustainability to the industry. Now in its third year, the 2014 event showed a lot of promise. With speakers including the likes of Stella McCartney, Livia Firth of Eco Age, The Financial Times and H&M, the panel discussed what plans are being put in place to help bring ethics to the industry. 

“We demand that by 2050, the fashion industry will enable us to wear emotions and experiences instead of garments.”

The Denim Challenge

Copenhagen Denim ChallengeDenim manufacturing leaders iSKO set a goal to inspire brands to explore innovation within denim and to use more sustainable materials.  The challenge set 5 scandinavian brands the task to design a complete look made entirely from sustainable denim. 

Clever Care

Do you wash your clothes every time you wear them and at Clevercarehigh degrees? The offical launch of Clever Care took place at the summit, introduced by Stella McCartney.  As a labelling system that aims to stress the importance of low impact garment care, Clever Care will be used in H&M garments, as well as many other brands, to provide information on to how to make your clothes last. 

Consumer Awareness

H&M Don't let fashion go to wasteH&M’s head of sustainability, Helena Helmersson, claims that 21% more shoppers are interested in ethical clothing than just last year. She stresses “ethical clothes only work when they look good and are affordable.” In 2013 the Swedish clothing retailer saw 5000 tonnes of unwanted clothing donated into their recycling bins, which is the staggering equivalent of 15 million t-shirts.

Luxury Goes Green

The Kering Group (Previously PPPR), is a luxury company who owns brands such as Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and Gucci. At this year’s summit they unveiled their plans to become the world’s most sustainable luxury clothing conglomerate.

Stella Mccarntey KeringChief sustainability officer, Marie-Claire Daveu, hopes that by 2016 the company will have sustainably sourced leather, wool, gold, diamonds, python and even packaging. 

Their client Bottega Veneta, recently won an award by the green Building Council for their eco HQ which collects its own rainwater.



Livia Firth on The Revolution

Who Made Your Clothes ModelFounder of Eco Age, Livia Firth, spoke at the summit, promoting Fashion Revolution Day where consumers were urged to ask companies “Who made your clothes?” Firth said on the subject

 “Sixty million people work in the garment trade globally and it is an industry worth $2.5bn, yet somehow we have divorced the clothes we buy from the fact that living, breathing people make them”






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