CosmEthics – The New App That Claims to Detect the Ugly in Your Beauty Products

CosmEthics – The New App That Claims to Detect the Ugly in Your Beauty Products

Cosmethics barcodeI’m sure I’m not alone when I say that turning over a skin care product, you’re suddenly overwhelmed by all the ingredients on the back, and their ridiculously long names, as you try to sort through the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ stuff. Intimidated and downright confused, you grumble all the way to the counter, hoping you’ve picked a product minus the parabens and hazardous chemicals and full of eco-friendly goodness. But there’s always that niggling doubt.

A new beauty app which launched yesterday at TechCrunch, promises to eliminate this stress. Aptly called CosmEthics, founder Katariina Rantanen, claims it does the hard work for you, allowing you to make smarter choices, by breaking down each ingredient.

Founder CosmethicsEssentially, the app acts as a barcode reader, which is able to detect the not so desirable ingredients in your selected products. Scanning all beauty related items, from toothpaste to deodorants to your favourite mascara, CosmEthics promises to keep you informed of the positives and negatives in each item, by highlighting potential toxins that may be lurking.

Cosmethics screen shot

“CosmEthics empowers consumers in making smarter product choices.”

The app even goes one step further, explaining just why these chemicals are harmful, and giving a reason as to why they may have been included. Thanks to CosmEthics, the consumer now has the power, as the ugly side of beauty is finally revealed.

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