4 Cost Effective Tips For Dry Winter Skin

4 Cost Effective Tips For Dry Winter Skin

As we enter December and the temperature drops a few degrees, beat the winter blues before it gets you with these 4 simple tips for avoiding dry, lifeless skin.

Vaseline Is Your best Friend

Nothing tackles dry winter skin like vaseline. A tub of the stuff goes a surprisingly long way. With multiple uses, it’s great for softening lips, locking in moisture, and even works great as an eye makeup remover, and ridding those under-eye bags. 

Natural Oils 

Coconut oil is an inexpensive natural remedy that will prevent your skin from losing moisture. A large tub of the stuff will get you through the winter and can also be used on hair before shampooing, to keep it extra soft.

Sweet Almond OilAlternatively making small changes to your washing routine such as adding a few drops of sweet almond or jojoba oil to your bath can provide that much needed moisture that winter weather takes away.

Hydrate With Herbal Tea

Nothing hydrates and retains the skin’s natural healthy glow than a simple glass of water…or three. Herbal tea is just as good, plus a hot drink is much more appreciated in the colder months. Experiment with the many flavours- from ginger, to lemon, peppermint and spiced apple, they’re not only tantalising to the tastebuds but also rich in antioxidants. 

Hold on to Your Sunscreen

 Sun tan lotion in winter!? The very thought. A natural misconception is that sunscreen is only for those harsh blazing summer monthsbut you’d be surprised that it actually works wonders for winter dryness. Applying a sunscreen of SPF15 or more will protect your skin from those unforgiving elements.






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