Biodegradable Micro Beads Could Help Save Marine Life

Biodegradable Micro Beads Could Help Save Marine Life

Metabolix, a company that specialises in environmentally friendly bio plastics has teamed up with science and engineering company Honeywell, to develop marine biodegradable micro beads used in many beauty and personal care products.

Microbead toothpasteSynthetic polyethene micro beads found in products such as facial exfoliators and toothpaste, poison aquatic life. As of recent, consumer demand in the US for more eco friendly ingredients has risen significantly, fuelling the need for change and sustainable alternatives.

¬†“We are excited to work with Honeywell to bring the benefits of Mirel PHA biopolymers that have been shown to be biodegradable in soil, marine and fresh water environments to the personal care market.”

Metabolix and Honeywell’s partnership will introduce biopolymers, said to be as biodegradable as paper and cellulose. Stay tuned for now, but as soon as they hit the market, we’ll be sure to let you know!…

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