Croatian Design Duo Create Indestructible Jewellery From Recycled Paper

Croatian Design Duo Create Indestructible Jewellery From Recycled Paper


MammaMia Art SunbatherA Croatian based mother-daughter design team, under the name of MammaMia Art, have turned their long term passion for quirky jewellery and fine art into an innovative creative business with a zero waste ethos.

Creating vibrant statement jewellery out of recycled newspapers and magazines, Mia Caktaš and her mother form their striking designs by taking strips of paper, which are meticulously twisted, layered joined together using a special wrapping technique, and finally coated, to give them an indestructible, longlasting quality. In total, each necklace takes roughly 7 days to make.

Mamma Mia Art Close Up

“Mum used to make various shapes & artwork from paper which I always found fascinating, & since I am crazy about one of a kind jewellery and clothes, I came up with an idea to join forces with her & turn this hobby into a business”

MammaMia Art Necklace

Their sculptural pieces are hugely popular amongst the people of Split, where Mia is constantly stopped on the street by women keen to find out where she got her jewellery. Now designer mum and daughter are looking at other means of recycling old paper.

Wish they’d existed when I visited Croatia in 2014! Stay up to date and follow their journey on their Facebook page.

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