Cruelty-Free Mascara – Could Protoza be the Answer?

Cruelty-Free Mascara – Could Protoza be the Answer?

2014 is looking bright, as researchers at the University of Liverpool have discovered an alternative to using live rabbits as a means to test eye irritability in mascara. While working to find a way to determine the toxicity levels of the popular beauty product, they used tiny single-celled organisms called Protoza (nicknamed slipper and eyelash), which is far cheaper and much more ethical than the traditional maize test used on rabbits.

This cruelty free method involves painting mascara onto glass plates, which are then placed in glass chambers of Protoza. Project supervisor Dr David Montagnes stated:

Mascara Bunny“While the protozoa have a similar metabolism to animals they are not classed as such. Indeed, the traditional test used on rabbits – the Draize test – was developed more than 40 years ago and is both time consuming and expensive, as well as giving rise to ethical issues,”

Could this be the end of all mascara testing on animals? It’s certainly heading that way. 

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