Demands for Danish Modelling Industry to Promote Healthier Body Image

Demands for Danish Modelling Industry to Promote Healthier Body Image

Danish Model The modelling industry isn’t exactly well known for its promotion of healthy body types, which has a profound effect on a young, impressionable person’s self esteem, leading them to develop a number of psychological issues and disorders.

As of recent, Denmark has set a precedent by deciding to regulate the industry – ruling out models under the age of sixteen and potential models will be tested for annorexia, as well as undergo regular psychiatric evaluations.

The rules were established by the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, who wants to rid the industry of its portrayal of impossible ideals.  The Charter has ruled that:

  • Helena ChristensenDesigners are to have access to the physical and psychological condition of their models, in order to prevent hiring models likely to have eating disorders.
  • Models are to be no younger than 16 years of age.
  • If a model is underage they will have to pose as children with appropriate clothing and accompanied by an adult.
  • Fashion houses must pay their models their salary in full, rather than paid in free clothing and accessories.
  • Models should partake in a short training course on mental health and nutrition.

Anything that helps young women to rid themselves of that pressure to look a certain way is a great thing in our books. Here’s hoping that Denmark will encourage other countries to follow suit.

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