Danit Peleg Prints 5-Piece Graduate Collection From Home

Danit Peleg Prints 5-Piece Graduate Collection From Home

Danit Peleg 2Israeli fashion graduate and 3D print design enthusiast Danit Peleg, has printed her entire graduate collection from home. Studying at Shenkar College of Engineering, Danit knew little to nothing about 3D printing, but wanted to embrace fashion’s most advanced form of design, by creating a 5 piece collection using the advanced form of technology.

With 3D printing being still a relatively unexplored concept within fashion, this was no easy fete – to create entire dresses from home scale printers. For her first piece, a red jacket, Danit took inspiration from triangular painting compositions, using software called Blender to experiment with various materials and printers.

“My inspiration was Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. I modified it so it would look like a 3D picture. I was inspired to work with the many triangle present in the painting’s composition.”

Danit Peleg Close Up DanitPeleg Closeup 2

Finally after nine months of research, Danit discovered Filafex – a strong, flexible plastic filament that would flatter the form of the wearer and would create visually flowing and highly textured garments.

Using the Witbox 3D, a home printer, it took Danit a whopping nine months and  2000 hours to print and design the entire collection. Hours of dedication indeed, but no doubt worth it when the results are so groundbreaking and original! Danit has proven that the concept of 3D printing from home is not as far away as we think, and the wonders of what using the right materials can do.

Danit Peleng

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