Deborah Campbell Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Statement Fashion

Deborah Campbell Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Statement Fashion

New Life FabricZero waste British fashion designer Deborah Campbel believes in working with the environment rather than against it, when it comes to her creative vision.  Using fabric innovation, Deborah incorporates a special New Life fabric, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET), which are  spun into a yarn, and collected and processed in Italy.

“Designing responsibly & sustainably is harder than traditional ways of working in fast fashion where best practice is difficult to monitor. AT DCA we know the people who make our clothes & we know where our fabrics are produced.”

Recycled Isabelle Indigo DressFor AW15, Deborah combines loose minimalist silhouettes with a splash effect abstract print, such as the Isabelle Indigo dress (right). Her luxury sustainable designs “fuse modern art with fashion”, made to stand alone as statement pieces, worn add life to an outfit.

Deborah’s designs may be pricier than the typical high street stores, but as they’re made from sustainable fabrics, they don’t cost the earth as cheap clothes do, and they don’t promote “mindless consumption”. She justifies the costs with her pride in quality over quantity.  Knowing that every garment has been sourced ethically, with a 100% transparent supply chain, and made within the UK.

“Innovation is on the agenda, this time with more pressing reasons. Human rights, climate change, landfill, carbon footprint, plastic waste & textile pollution are amongst the drivers for new textile innovation.”

You can find out about more about new fabric innovation and zero waste design on Deborah’s blog.

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