Electronic Textiles Bring Super Durability to Everyday Clothes

Electronic Textiles Bring Super Durability to Everyday Clothes

Smart fabric 2A new technology that gives clothes greater durability and strength, was introduced by The Institute of Textiles & Clothing at Hong Kong. This new form of wearable tech smart fabric is based on the idea of fabric circuits, which are woven into everyday garments, and made from wire that withstands moisture, heat and the stress endured by machine washes.

The super stretchy material formulation, created by Xiao-Ming Tao and her team is Smart Fabricknown as a fabric circuit board, which can include micro chips and other electrical components that stay connected when the material is flexed. The result is extreme fresistance, where the fabric can be stretched to 20%, roughly 1 million times before the fibres start to fail.

As far as technical issues with water is concerned, the fabric circuits have been tested in a wash cycle at least 30 times without any problems, making them ideal for mass consumer use. And as if that wasn’t enough, this form of wearable tech can also be used in military helmets, sending signals back to base when the wearer is shot!

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