Fairphone Launches Online Shop

Fairphone Launches Online Shop

In September we mentioned Norwegian non-proft startup Fairphone in our blog about sustainable design at last year’s Tent London.  The company introduced the world’s first socially conscious mass produced smartphone, manufactured with minimal harm to the people and planet. Today sees the launch of their online shop and stock is selling fast.

Fairphone2Made from conflict free materials, not only does the Fairphone look and function like any other smart phone on the market, but its ethical ethos will appeal to gadget lovers and ethical consumers everywhere – threatening serious competition to rival the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

As the smartphone with social values, the Fairphone keeps its supply chain transparent, is worker exploitation free and ensures fair factory wages and safe working conditions. 

“We are creating a movement to build a fair economy.”

Bas Van Abel FairphoneSince it’s launch in 2011 over 6,385 phones of its 35,000 stock have been pre ordered – an impressive number for a phone that most people haven’t had the opportunity to even touch yet. But as CEO and founder Bas van Abel stated “People are investing in change.” And that’s what counts.

Watch the video below


Fairphone: Buy a phone, start a movement from Fairphone on Vimeo.

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