Sustainable Spotlight: Greenlife Accessories

Sustainable Spotlight: Greenlife Accessories

Greenlife Sunnies WomanGreenlife Watches

Australian entrepreneur and eco activist Matthew Devitt has created an accessories business run entirely by its own solar energy system. His online store Greenlife, sells watches, sunglasses, wallets and reading glasses all made sustainably from eco friendly materials.  And who said living green means you have to compromise on style? Greenlife products look good and do good, giving them a contemporary edge, with materials such as reclaimed wood instead of the typical plastic, or metal.

“Wood is my favourite material – it’s renewable & sustainable, it’s warm & feels natural to wear, plus the more items we can make from wood instead of plastic & metal, the better off we all are.”

WeWood_Date_Beige_largeIt’s the company’s WeWood watches which are the fastest selling product, and the reason why Matthew ventured into the e-commerce world in the first place. The unisex design is made from 100% natural maple wood, which is lightweight and toxic free. The fact that it’s made from wood instead of metal means it feels warm to touch, making it the perfect accessory for your arm!

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