Federal Bill to Put an End to Animal Testing in U.S Cosmetics

Federal Bill to Put an End to Animal Testing in U.S Cosmetics

Happy Friday! We’ve got some good news coming from the U.S Cosmetics industry. The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund have succeeded in pushing congress to introduce legislation prohibiting the U.S beauty market to conduct animal testing.

With the help of Lush Cosmetics, The Humane Cosmetics Act was introduced by congressman Jim Moran, a democrat from Virginia, who stated in a press release, that the bill would

Mouse cosmetics testing“enhance worldwide momentum in ensuring animals are not harmed in the process of creating or manufacturing cosmetics.”

No doubt this would set the precedent for other countries to follow suit, including the U.K. The act would not only make it illegal to use procedures that test on animals, but it would also make it illegal to continue selling products that have been animal tested. 

The Humane Society believes that the cosmetics industry needs to progress with modern technology, stating 

“The future of safety testing relies on advanced technologies, including computational and human-cell-based or artificial-tissue-based models, which are already in use.”

We couldn’t agree more. Animal testing is outdated and unnecessary and something that the global cosmetics market is slowly veering away from. Alternatives are out there, and this new legislation proves a major step forward.

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