Finisterre’s Ultimate Winter Coat Introduces New Fabric Innovation

Finisterre’s Ultimate Winter Coat Introduces New Fabric Innovation

Finisterre JacketWhen it comes to innovation and built-to-last design, cold water surf brand Finisterre is the real deal. Their new coat the Caelus Parka, is made using a new fabric innovation, in partnership with HD wool, which is 100% sustainable insulation, made in England by designers H. Dawson & Sons.

This premium quality wool keeps in line with Finisterre’s transparency ethos, made from responsibly sourced organic cotton and polyester, incorporating ethical techniques such as recycling, which ensures the coat is 100% biodegradable.

“It’s no secret that we love wool. We are also committed to using it in innovative ways. HD Wool insulation creates the perfect personal climate. It’s natural, warm, breathable & comfortable without the bulk. Made in Britain using British wool, meaning not only is it lighter in weight it’s also lighter on the planet.”

Caelus Parker Neck

The three-in-one functionality means that the inner layer works on its own as a bomber jacket, while the outer layer acts as lightweight, waterproof protection. Both outerwear layers can be zipped together for ultimate insulation, making the Caelus perfect for battling harsh, arctic winds.

Quality over quantity certainly applies here. This new weather resistant tech design will be hanging in your wardrobe for many winters to come! The Caelus Parka, £360, is currently available at


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