French Connection Turns Its Back on the Bunnies. Again

French Connection Turns Its Back on the Bunnies. Again

FCUK ManIt appears that French Connection have a short memory span, or thought they could pull the wool over our eyes, as angora is once again back on their shelves!

Following an investigation by PETA in 2013, which revealed the harsh abuse rabbits suffer for their fur, FCUK, Zara, ASOS, H&M and Topshop decided to halt the use of all angora products, spurred on by consumer outrage.

Rabbit farming is very often associated with physical abuse, which includes barbaric techniques, such their fur being ripped from their bodies without any numbing aids, leaving them traumatised and in extreme agony.

FCUK birdNot only have FCUK not stuck to their word, once again restocking angora for this coming season, but they’ve ironically featured our furry, four legged friends and many others in their AW14 ”Never Miss A Trick’ campaign. A shame they couldn’t trick us into forgetting their previous commitments to abandon the use of such fur.

While other retailers have stuck to their angora ban, FCUK seem to have morals only when convenient.

Click the link below to sign the petition, if you believe FCUK should boycott angora for good.

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