Gap, Levi’s And H&M Listed as Most Ethical Companies 2014

Gap, Levi’s And H&M Listed as Most Ethical Companies 2014

Ethisphere Institute announced their 2014 list of most ethical companies this month, with major high-street chains  H&M, Gap and levi’s winning their places in the apparel section. Here’s some reasons why they’ve proved top of the league when it comes to sustainable style


H&M Recycle binDespite being a fast fashion retailer, H&M has consistently proven it’s dedication to developing sustainable practices. This is shown through the conscious collections, recycling and sustainability schemes with charities such as Wateraid and the fact that they come up top when it comes to the use of organic cotton.



Levi's water saving

Levi’s has proven to be quite the energy saver with their eco-friendly energy saving schemes. Most recently, the company’s advanced water saving technologies have meant that denim production can take place using 100% recycled water.

The popular denim brand has also introduced waterless dyeing techniques and a special water<less collection which combined multiple wash cycles into one large cycle, saving up to 96% less H20.


GapIn the Public Eye Awards, Gap won the ‘worst corporation of 2013’ yet according to Ethisphere, Gap, who is constantly associated with fast fashion in Bangladesh, is turning over a new leaf. The company caused outrage among social activists for not signing the Bangladeshi accord in relation to the rana Plaza building collapse last year, stating that they would find their own means of regulating their supply chain. But it seems that Ethishere sees ethics, or ‘conscious capitalism’ as described on their website, as the same as good business leadership skills. The Institute’s CEO Timothy  Erblich stated:

 “Gap Inc. joins an exclusive community committed to driving performance through leading business practices. We congratulate everyone at Gap Inc. for this extraordinary achievement.”

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