GAP Pledges to Cut 50% of its CO2 Emissions by 2020

GAP Pledges to Cut 50% of its CO2 Emissions by 2020

Gap has announced it will be cutting its C02 emissions by the end of 2020, following the climate change conference in Paris last month. A report was published on Thursday, stating that the major clothing retailer intends to cut emissions at its stores, offices and distribution facilities by as much as 50%, by the end of 2020 –  this includes its other brands Old Navy and Banana Republic.

The clothing company achieved its previous goal of reducing emissions by 38% from its 2008 levels, by the end of 2015 and hopes to go one step further within the next four years, by installing longer lasting LED lighting, using smart tech thermostats in stores and using an industry shipment program to improve fuel efficiency .

Gap jeansMelissa Fifield, senior director of sustainable innovation at GAP Inc. Told Buzzfeed news;

“Certainly in response to the climate negotiations in Paris & with what we’re seeing in the world, we feel this is an appropriate step for our company. We have a large store footprint & greenhouse gas emissions lighting those stores has a fairly sizeable impact.”

The fashion industry has a huge environmental impact, through all aspects of manufacturing, but also through landfill waste caused by over consumption and fast fashion. To combat this, Gap will be diverting 80% of the waste from its U.S facilities away from landfills by 2020, by recycling boxes, plastic wrapping and hangers used in shipping items. That’s a pledge of a 51% increase from what was achieved in 2014.


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