Good on You App Promotes Fashion Without Harm

Good on You App Promotes Fashion Without Harm

Good On You App Screenshot 2Go to your smart phone’s app store and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with fashion and style apps, leaving you confused about where to start – but where do you find a clothing app that allows you make a difference when you shop? Now that is rare.  

Australian based startup Good On You follows the three ‘P’ ethos – passion, people and planet. As an ethical shopping assistant, here you’ll find all you need to know about where to shop sustainably. Good On You finds you fashion brands that are rated for their impact on people, the planet and animals, so socially conscious consumers can make informed decisions about where to shop.

Good On You“Fashion without harm. Trusted ethical ratings in the palm of your hand.”

CEO Gordon Renouf stresses that “we can no longer afford to buy cheap clothes.” The app makes it easy for consumers to avoid using exploitative companies, by enabling us to search by brand and product and check how they rate ethically.

Good On You can be downloaded at, but is currently only available in Australia. Don’t despair if the app isn’t available to your country yet, as the Australian social enterprise has plans for global expansion in the very near future. Make sure to follow their blog and stay up to date on any developments.

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