Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket Answers Your Calls For You

Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket Answers Your Calls For You

google_levis_jacket Google’s ATAP  advanced experimental projects division has teamed up with Levis for a special wearable technology design collaboration.

The two companies have designed a denim jacket, through Project Jacquard,  which they are calling “the first ever smart garment.” Using interactive fibres, the jacket has the ability to give hands free blue tooth control of your smart phone – perfect for cyclists and people on the go.

The way it works is through a touch sensitive panel on the jacket’s left arm, which can be touched or swiped. This feature allows you to answer calls , respond to notifications and also take control of your music playlists  – all while looking good! The jacquard weave is what enables the touch sensitivity, while a subtle strap allows our device to fit in place.

Paul Dillinger, Levi’s VP of global production innovation explained;

“There was appetite from the technologists to make the activated space on the denim as explicit as possible, & to say ‘here I am, this is where I function. For us, it was about hiding it; that space for function should only be known to the wearer… It’s almost like a magician’s trick – the technology should not be apparent at all, you just look good, that’s all.”

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