Green Trends at Stella McCartney

Green Trends at Stella McCartney

It’s Earth Day today, and Stella McCartney is one of Britain’s most appraised and recognised designers, known not only for her covetable designs, but also for the brand’s eco friendly ethos. As an ambassador for animal friendly fashion, she’s certainly paved the way for welcoming sustainability to the catwalk, and recently the luxury womenswear label has taken further steps to encourage change within the industry.

Stella M GardenThis month Stella McCartney became the latest label to support Canopy’s Fashion Loved by Forest Campaign, which aims to preserve endangered ecosystems by pressurising clothing companies to eliminate the use of endangered forest fibres in their clothing. The socially conscious fashion brand also became the first wildlife friendly certified clothing brand, earning McCartney a green seal of approval once again.

 Swiftly becoming known for her dedication towards sustainability, as much as for her widely copied runway looks, McCartney continues to rival companies such as Edun, Maiyet and Honest by Bruno Pieters, who are also flying the flag for eco conscious high fashion.

Fashion Loved by Forest

Stella M Bambi2Along with H&M and Zara, who joined the campaign earlier, Stella McCartney has pledged that by 2017, it will be using alternative forest friendly plant-based cellulose fibres in its clothing. 

“Quite simply, we will ensure that the raw materials used to make our viscose do not continue to aid harmful deforestation.”

Wildlife Certified

Certified Wildlife FriendlyStella McCartney just got a whole lot animal friendlier as the brand is now officially certified by The Wildlife Friendly Network, which works to conserve endangered wildlife. McCartney is also a founding corporate member of the company, which consists of artisans, organisations and businesses  – a pivotal role for a designer dedicated to greening the industry.

But will this major move influence other brands to put their green foot forward? As eco-friendly fashion picks up the pace, could it could be just a matter of time before we see more socially conscious creations hitting the catwalk?…

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