Hidden Beauty – Inner Skins: From Food Waste to Fashion

Hidden Beauty – Inner Skins: From Food Waste to Fashion

Hidden Beauty

‘Hidden Beauty Inner Skins’ is the new project by Studio Goterdort, founded in 2014 by textile designers Eva Schlechte and Jennifer Hier. The project aims to bring beauty out of the ugliness that waste represents – specifically food waste. While there are many examples of food being incorporated into fashion, we’ve never seen it quite like this before.

Inner Beauty Necklace

The striking abstract designs are made from inner skins from sheep, pigs and cows, animal entrails such as bladders and animal intestines. Not exactly things you’d associate with beauty, but that is the point of the project – overcoming our stereotypical perceptions of aesthetics.

“An intersection of craftsmanship & design combined with an experimental position represents their design approach. The resulting objects hold a subtle beauty which try to conciliate between culture & nature.”

Inner Skins

The technique of using inner skins is no new concept. This material innovation stems back from medieval times, when they were used to line lampshades, lanterns and windows. They even used bladders to make instruments. Now Studio Goterdort takes it one step further, asking us to rethink our preconceived perceptions of beauty, as something we ordinarily views as disgusting, takes on a new life in a surreal, thought provoking statement art. 

You can follow Studio Goterdot’s projects here.

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