H&M and Zara Support Fashion Loved By Forest Campaign.

H&M and Zara Support Fashion Loved By Forest Campaign.

Green certainly is the new black. Due to deforestation concerns, High-street  giants H&M and Zara have committed to using alternative sources for their rayon and viscose items after promising to exclude the use of endangered forest fibres. Searching for more sustainable alternatives, the world’s two largest fashion brands have teamed up with forestry non profit Canopy, as part of its ‘Fashion Loved by Forest’ campaign.

Fashion Loved By Forest‘Fashion Loved by Forest’ has already worked with 17 other popular apparel brands including eco fashion outdoor specialists Patagonia. The project aims to preserve ancient and endangered forests, which, according to Canopy, suffer a staggering loss of 70 to 100 million trees each year in order to produce pulp for clothing material.

In order to support these endangered ecosystems, H&M states that plans will be finalised by June and by 2017 there should be no trace of forest sourcing left in their clothing collections. H&M’s environmental sustainability manager, Henrik Lamper, stated that the Swedish retailer will strive to

Canopy“…support conservation in endangered forests and use alternative inputs, for example recycled clothing, so our actions create lasting change.

With two major brands on board, could this be the start of a more sustainable high street?  


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