H&M Launches Conscious Beauty Collection

H&M Launches Conscious Beauty Collection

H&M Conscious BeautyH&M has expanded its  line with a new ‘Conscious Beauty’ collection of 30 affordable, ecocert, organic skin, body and hair products made with natural ingredients. The high street retailer has already introduced sustainable clothing and garment recycling schemes in the past, so it only makes sense to apply the same ethos to all areas of production.

Described as “Good for people, the planet and your wallet, the collection features gentle shampoos, to aluminium free deodorants and moisturising lip tints, all sourced sustainably and containing essential oils. But it’s not just inside the bottle that is earth friendly. The bold, simple packaging is made from recycled materials, as H&M delivers a fun yet refined new look.

H&M Essential OilsSara Wallander, Concept designer at H&M Beauty stated;

“We already offer conscious choices with our fashion collections so it is natural for us to have the same offering within our beauty collection. We always aim to develop our products to high and responsible standards in both materials & production. With the conscious range we have taken this philosophy even further. We are very proud to now be able to offer organic beauty to our customers.”

Set to be released on April 7th, the collection will coincide with the Swedish retailer’s ‘Conscious Exclusive’ clothing collection in collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts. 


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