H&M & Kering Test Ground Breaking Fibre Recycling Technology

H&M & Kering Test Ground Breaking Fibre Recycling Technology

H&M KeringH&M and leaders in apparel and accessories, Kering Group, have partnered up for a zero waste project to recycle old fibres into new designs and encourage circular production. 

By joining forces with sustainable textile innovators Worn Again, the initiative aims to address the issue of clothing waste and energy use, by using ‘textile-to-textile chemical-recycling technology’.

H&M & KeringThis up-to-date method of recycling which is the first of its kind, involves taking highly sought after fabrics such as cotton and polyester from old garments, and re-spinning them into new yarns.

“In the long run this can change the way fashion is made and massively reduce the need for extracting virgin resources from our planet,”

explained Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M.“Furthermore, it brings us closer to our goal of creating fashion in a circular model,” she added. Kering will also be testing this new technology on their Puma brand, to discover if it will prove viably commercial.

Here’s to hoping that as major retail giants, H&M and Kering could influence similar brands to follow suit and pursue renewable resources within their production lines, as well as inform consumers to give a second thought to throwing out their old clothes!

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