H&M Pledge to Pay Higher Living Wages

H&M Pledge to Pay Higher Living Wages

Bangladeshi ProtestorsH&M has once again put its money where its mouth is, in the quest for a more sustainable high street.  In frustration over the lack of support from the Bangladeshi government, the Swedish retail giant has taken matters into its own hands, with plans to pay a fairer living wage to 85,000 textile workers.

” The wage development, driven by for example governments in some countries, is taking too long, so we want to take further action and encourage the whole industry to follow,”

Since the devastation caused by the Rana Plaza factory collapse earlier this year, the renowned clothing store has been consistent in striving for positive change throughout its supply chain.

Christmas has come early, in particular for two factories and factory owners in Bangladesh, who will be receiving higher living wages as early as next year, as well as a factory in Cambodia. By 2018, the high street chain hopes to boost productivity and expand its programme to cover all 750 of the factories it uses.

 H&M told the Guardian this week;

“We are willing to pay more so that the supplier can pay higher wages. It is a collaboration between H&M and our suppliers.”

Find out more about H&M’s policies concerning Bangladesh here

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