H&M Prices May Be Be Set to Rise In Support of Fair Wages

H&M Prices May Be Be Set to Rise In Support of Fair Wages

H&M Price BangladeshH&M’s dedication to sustainable fashion is unrivalled by any other high street store, but this time the global fast fashion retailer is really pulling out all the stops.

After taking steps to create a transparent supply chain, having committed to improving garment industry standards, (particularly in Bangladesh), the major clothing outlet is now in talks about raising their prices in a move that will guarantee factory workers a more sustainable way of life.

A garment worker in Bangladesh would expect a minimum wage of as little as less than £1.22 per day. As part of its ethical commitments, H&M released a fair wage policy in November, where a spokesperson sated that  “all textile workers should be able to live on their wage.” As part of this policy, the Swedish clothing chain has announced plans to raise 850,000 factory worker’s wages by 2018.

For those who want to make the most of the lower prices, it’s going to be a while before you’ll see any price hikes, so don’t go on a crazy spree just yet!




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