H&M Boycotts Angora Wool Products

H&M Boycotts Angora Wool Products

Angora rabbits

A shocking undercover investigation by PETA on the production process of  angora clothing has been released, causing H&M to completely stop selling items produced with angora fur. The renowned Swedish retailer is known for its ethical approach to fashion, and this is just the latest move in the major clothing chain’s bid for sustainability.

PETA released a video revealing the methods used in angora farms in China, where they extract the fur from the rabbits by aggressively pulling out the animal’s hair causing them much pain and distress. H&M are known for fighting against animal cruelty, and in 20008 they pledged to stop selling wool products from sheep that had been mulesed, and in 2009, H&M agreed to stop the use of exotic animal skins.

In a statement released to the press H&M said:

“[We] will immediately stop the production of all angora products until we have secured that our strict Product Policy is being followed. H&M doesn’t accept that animals are treated badly. We only allow products made of angora hair from farms with good animal husbandry.”

Although not all angora products are produced this way, PETA spokesperson Ben Williamson believes there is no completely cruelty free method. If they’re not having the fur ripped off them they’re forced to have their legs bound together, suspended in the air, or stretched out on a board while they’re shaved. Around 90% of all angora items of clothing sold on the Highstreet are sourced unethically, and predominantly from China.

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