How to Detox Your Life

How to Detox Your Life

The start of a New Year can be a stressful time, from strained bank accounts to New Years resolution commitments. Start a fresh page and keep the complications out with these handy tips on decluttering your lifestyle.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

Simplify Wardrobe Everyone has those clothes that they’ve worn once or twice and just left to collect dust in the wardrobe. This just adds to unnecessary clutter. The first thing to do is to sort all your clothes into two piles –  ‘keep’ and ‘discard’. Think whether you really want to hold onto that piece of clothing you haven’t worn in over 6 months.

Any clothes to discard can be donated to charity, or swapped in the many swishing events held around your city. Definitely don’t just dump them in the bin!

Clothes that can’t be saved because of damage can be donated to retailers such as H&M and Puma, who have recycling bins to take care of unwanted items.

Prioritise What’s Most Important

Daily ScheduleHaving some sort of routine and structure to your everyday life is a great way to cut out the unnecessary stress. Prioritise what really matters, such as work duties, friends and family time.

Swap that extra laundry load or Tv programme with a long walk or pick up a new book. Work on a new hobby or take the time to cook a great meal. Cycle to work rather than take the bus if you can to make the most of the outdoors.

* Most importantly, eliminate all the little things that don’t matter in the big scheme of things!


Donations BoxStart room by room, sifting through bookshelves for unwanted books, or objects lying around you no longer have a desire to hold onto. Sorting them into donation boxes will leave the room organised and clutter free.

Recycle any piles of papers and shred any bank statements to make way for extra storage space.  Any old batteries can be donated to your local Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and other supermarkets and stores that help to get rid of electronic waste without the detrimental effects on the environment.

Banish Negative Thoughts

Negative ThoughtsGet out of that stressful mindset and remove any negativity clouding your thoughts. These pesky digs at ourselves are not bringing any positive changes to our lives. Let go of what can’t be changed and work on what matters in the present. Easier said than done, but try to replace each negative thought with a positive and you might just learn to achieve a happier, clearer approach to life.


Minimise Work Stress

Start by emptying your email inbox. It sounds so simple and obvious, but many of us lose track with the business of  our everyday working lives, that we find ourselves swamped with junk and spam.

Inbox EmptyStaring at a crammed inbox can cause more stress than we realise, and we only understand this once we’ve cleared out the junk and seen that clear, empty space.

Prioritise your tasks and ask yourself if you can leave it till tomorrow, while dealing with the most important duties first. Give yourself energising breaks – get some fresh air if you can, grab a banana for energy and take the opportunity to walk around and clear your mind, to be ready for your next half of the day.




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