How to Get the Best out of Your Christmas – Without it Costing the Earth

How to Get the Best out of Your Christmas – Without it Costing the Earth

Want a way to save on money, help the planet and get the best out of your christmas this year?  These simple tips will show you how. 

Are You Fir Real?

tree1Once again it’s time to make that crucial decision. The real vs fake debate has many sides, but there are many positives to buying a natural tree. Here’s why

  • Natural trees are biodegradable
  • They’re free from toxic materials and petro chemicals
  • They’re sustainable grown on farms, therefore not contributing to deforestation.

Recycle Your Wrapping

il_570xN.390727931_i2apWith all those gifts in need of wrapping, why not go green by using recycled paper. It’s estimated that 82 sq km of wrapping ends up in our bins each Christmas! Even newspapers and magazines can be used as sustainable alternatives, and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Etsy have a number of hand made eco-friendly options that offer something a little different from the usual high street stores. For in store options Paperchase  has a great variety of recycled wrapping paper.

 D.I.Y Your Decor 


There’s nothing more beautiful than natural decorations, plus they’re free and usually smell good! Berry branches, mistletoe and holly are synonymous with Christmas, so next time you’re on your winter walk, don’t forget to take note of your surroundings! Pine cones are also a great way to set the seasonal tone. Simply spray them gold or silver for a good ol’ festive finish. 

Get the whole family  involved, make an evening of it and go all out.  Home made beats store bought any day, especially when there’s no price tag.

LED Your Tree

ledxmaslights2LED Lights are definitely the more eco friendly option. They are low energy so that you save on your bills, but still get your home dazzling for Christmas. A house decorated with non LED lights uses an extra 22.8 days worth more of energy per year.

Make the Most of Your Leftovers

Christmas_DinnerSo Christmas day is done, everyone’s eaten far too much, yet there’s still some food left over. Instead of rooting through the fridge and shoving everything you find between two slices of bread, why not get creative. This recipe from the Guardian turns your leftover turkey into a tantalising Christmas trifle! 

Bow Selecta

After all pressies have been opened, any bows, ribbon, wrapping paper, tissue wrap etc can be saved for next year (assuming their in good nick!). 


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