Inkbox: The Two Week Tattoo Supporting Indigenous Tribes

Inkbox: The Two Week Tattoo Supporting Indigenous Tribes

Inkbox Girl 2Temporary tattoo company Inkbox is the world’s first company to introduce a two week tattoo, made entirely from natural ingredients.

Using an organic fruit based formula that’s safe for the skin, each tattoo lasts for approximately 15 days, and is applicable in 5 easy steps, in just 10 minutes. Perfect for festivals, beach holidays and parties, there’s over 300 styles to choose from.

But what makes this Canadian based company temporary tatt company really stand out is its permanent devotion to the indigenous tribes of Panama. The founders of Inkbox was inspired by their ancient cultural tradition of dyeing the skin using the Inkbox Inigenous Girlpulp of the Genipa Americana fruit to create natural body art, and decided to use the same natural ingredients for their product.

A percentage of every sale goes towards the Darien Initiative, which for 30 years has helped create agricultural opportunities for the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes of the Darien Gap in Panama.


Check out there Kikstarter page.

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