Introducing ‘Bignik’, the World’s Largest Picnic Blanket

Introducing ‘Bignik’, the World’s Largest Picnic Blanket

Swiss twin brothers, Frank and Patrick Riklin, have created what appears to be the world’s biggest picnic blanket. Introducing ‘Bignik‘ – a vast patchwork mass of repurposed towels, curtains and bedsheets that stretches across 160,000 feet. The idea was to create an “artistic intervention” that takes its resources from local materials.

BignikWith the help of volunteers, who cut, sewed and attached each patch using velcro, the giant picnic blanket is now sprawled across the green valley of Stein, where thousands of locals and tourists have had the pleasure of picnicking upon.

But this isn’t the last we’ll see from the design duo, who have plans to create an even larger blanket covering the whole span of St. Gallen Bodensee – the size equivalent of 100 football fields.

“The goal is that Bignik continues to grow every year. By 2027, 50 percent of Bignik’s vision to be achieved. In 2040, finally 100 percent.”

Creating BignikPreviously the brothers had carried out a test project in the region of Rehetobel, in October 2012. 

Enjoy the hottest day of the year!

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