Patagonia Introduces Recycled & Reclaimed Clothing Line

Patagonia Introduces Recycled & Reclaimed Clothing Line

Patagonia 2Outdoor clothing label Patagonia and Italian company Calamai Tech Fabrics have joined forces for a special collaboration involving recycled and reclaimed textiles. Together, they have created a new clothing line called ‘Truth to Materials’ – a design project with sustainability at its core.

Calamai has been specialising in reclaiming fabric fibres since 1878, so they know a Patagonia 3thing or two about repurposing materials. The collection includes undyed cashmere sweaters, harvested by hand in Mongolia, where the fabric remains a natural brown and grey, rather than chemically dyed using harsh chemicals. Working with NOYA Fibers, the wool is sourced sustainably, from fairly raised cashmere goats in Mongolia.

Patagonia ScarfTackling the issue of clothing waste, Patagonia has also used salvage cotton scraps from factories and reclaimed wool, which otherwise would be destined for the landfill. The cotton and wool is deconstructed and made into fabric pulp, as well as mixed with nylon and polyester – ready for a second lease of life.

Patagonia have even taken returned or damaged clothing from their own brand, which is then deconstructed by artisans from Alabama Chanin, into cold-weather scarves.


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