Introducing the World’s First 3D Printed Shoe Collection

Introducing the World’s First 3D Printed Shoe Collection

Myth 3D ShoesContinuum Fashion‘s co founder  Mary Huang, has created the first ever collection of 3D printed footwear, titled ‘Myth’. In a bid to reduce fashion’s carbon footprint, Huang has brought a whole new meaning to ready-to-wear, and custom made designs, in the form of futuristic heeled wedges. 

 Huang’s aim was to a produce a tree-like design, with organic, natural forms, inspired by Bernini’s statue of Apollo and Daphne and low resolution polygon computer graphics. Using a technique described as ‘computational couture’, she believes that 3D fashion could drastically help to minimise the negative impact mass production often has on the environment. 

“Myth” is the first 3d printed shoe collection designed for ready-to-wear. Each design is 90-100% made from components manufactured Continuum fashion wedgeon small desktop machines, optimized for scalable 3d printing production.”

The first shoe to be printed is The Laurel Tree Sandal, standing at four inches, with a bow ribbon feature. A statement futuristic, feminine hybrid. Watch the manufacturing process below.

Continuum Shoe 3D printing Timelapse from Continuum Fashion on Vimeo.

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