Introducing Tonlé – Cambodia’s First Ever Zero Waste Fashion Label

Introducing Tonlé – Cambodia’s First Ever Zero Waste Fashion Label

Tonle ookbook 1If we take a look at the labels on most of our clothing, they would say ‘made in China’, ‘made in Bangladesh’ or ‘made in Cambodia.’ It’s no secret that big chain corporations are producing their clothes abroad, in order to manufacture in the cheapest possible way.

But what does that often mean for the garment workers? The answer is low pay, long working hours and unsafe working conditions due to a lax government. The way this fast paced fashion industry works, also means a great deal of clothing waste.

Tonle Lookbook 2One label set to counteract our sweatshop culture is Tonlé. As a cambodian based brand, founder Rachel Faller knows the ins and outs of mass manufacturing and its detrimental impact on the environment.

Having previously established Cambodia’s most successful cothing brand Keok’Jay, which sells to the US, Australia and Norway, Faller is now shutting up shop, in order to pursue a more sustainable path.

Tonle Design 2With ethics and transparency in mind, she set out to create a fashion company that was not only fair trade, but zero waste, making it the first closed loop clothing company in Cambodia.

“We design comfortable, wearable clothes that are as unique as their makers.”

Faller ensures all materials used are recycled, using fabric scraps from factories, which would otherwise be destined for landfill. She and her team hand cut each fabric, which is sewn back into yarn. Even the paper the  company uses is made from leftover scraps.

Tonle Top“our entire production leaves 0% waste, as compared to a typical factory, which can average up to 40%”

Most importantly, as a fair trade business, all workers are given the chance to progress through fair pay and a motivational working environment.

Faller is currently working towards expanding her business, so that her designs will be available within Europe and the US. Find out more in their Kikstarter campaign here.


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