Vetta SS16: The 5-Piece Wardrobe You can Wear 30 Ways

Vetta SS16: The 5-Piece Wardrobe You can Wear 30 Ways

vetta-1Who needs a whole new wardrobe this season when you have startup fashion company Zetta! Their SS16 capsule collection, currently on Kikstarter is specially made so that you don’t have to splash out on new clothes unnecessarily.

The idea is to have a few staple items that are interchangeable. It’s all about key pieces that can be treasured and worn in a number of interesting ways. 30 Interesting ways, according to Zetta! And that’s plenty for us at ATTYRE.

Founder Cara Bartlett said of the collection;

cfcb0548bcb50fd969b4f340d23d97b3“I sew, & I had come up with a design for a two-piece dress that could be worn five different ways. Vanessa & I were chatting, & the dress sparked an idea for a capsule collection where every piece was convertible & interchangeable, which we hadn’t seen done before.”

With the rise in consumerism and decrease in textile recycling, it’s great to see brands like Vetta flying the flag for sustainable, quality fashion. When so many retailers out there are churning out new looks every few seconds it seems, the whole concept of clothing is being devalued.

Vetta’s designs not only look good, but they keep your wardrobe clutter free. It’s a win win situation, and sets a trend that definitely should be followed!

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